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Service Assurance Platform


Here at EXFO, we look at network performance from a different perspective. We provide a unique approach to assuring quality, while addressing the challenges of today’s environment and offering operational efficiencies that will allow you to maintain customer satisfaction and profitability.

Our Products

  • We provide test and service assurance solutions to design, deploy and continuously monitor all IP-based networks

Our Focus

  • We address network assessment challenges created by bandwidth growth, increased competition and IP convergence

Your Gain

  • Optimize network quality and reduce OPEX while supporting the successful launch and ongoing profitability of your IP services

Why service assurance? To attain the highest perceived value.

Since the quality of the customer experience or customer satisfaction determines value, service providers need metrics to measure performance and ensure the highest perceived value. This is where a service assurance solution comes in. It provides the means to:

  • Meet pre-defined service quality levels
  • Provide tangible metrics of network performance
  • Optimize network operations
  • Provide management guidance
  • Offer the best subscriber experience


EXFO takes service assurance one step further

Best-in-Class Pro-Active Solution

  • Subscriber QoE analysis
  • QoS-aware end-to-end network performance management
  • Turn-up, monitoring, troubleshooting & change management support
  • Flexible and future proof to expand with network and technology needs

Open Architecture and Interoperable Platform

  • Designed for seamless integration into operational workflows
  • Industry's most complete support of testing standards
  • Proprietary extensions to support test sets and network elements

Unmatched Scalability

  • 100,000+ endpoints supported
  • Pay-as-you-grow solution

Integrated Solutions

  • Automated provisionning
  • Optimized workflows
  • Customized reporting
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